Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Making Your Wood Floors Look Like New

Your hardwood flooring are looking exhausted, but the idea of refinishing them is simply too daunting. Not to worry: There are a number of ways to bring dated, damaged or dull flooring back to life -- with no lengthy and tough process of sanding, restaining and resealing.

THE PROBLEM You enjoy the colour of your floors, but the finish is worn and scraped.

THE SOLUTION Display and recoat.

This works best when the finish has been damaged, but the wood hasn't. It is a quick way to rekindle a flooring that is in adequate condition!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Solid wood flooring for your house

Solid wood flooring can be the best for your house considering various factors like long lasting, resistance to moister and heat, design and multiple time renovation. Undoubtedly, Solid wood flooring is strongest of all.
Modern home owners are now holding on interior magazines vision about their home area and they forgot sometimes that there are thing which are making our home more comfortable and good looking and these are the little details not the furniture.
Hardwood flooring doesn’t have to be a sea of brown. Universally available finish colors suggest wonderful array of whites, browns, blacks and reds.
But choose carefully because some engineered floors have top layers so thin that they can’t be sanded and refinished in the future.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Wood Renovation !

Wood is one of the best organic materials for home design and interior. It combine beautiful look and great skills. In your home environment natural eco materials are important, because this is a place where you rise your children so to be clean and healthy is valuable ! Wood is the most popular material in the world of flooring- they have good look and also they handle the foot traffic. Wood is succumbing to renovating procedures! 
When you see your floors scratched and shabby contact us and you are going to get professional sanding service from one of the leading firms ! 

Balham Floor Sanding Experts